Sunday, September 5, 2010

As we move along the path of life, we realize its nothing we expect it to be. Our plans, imaginations, the blue print of how our life should be, doesnt really work.
Its nothing we can decide or think about. No. Life aint that slow.
Its comes so fast, often leaves us astounded, breathless and wondering what happened.
You cant sit and plan what to do. Thinking doesnt help. You oughta go out and get it. Or you'll be left behind. Its all about action. About working your way towards what you want to be. And where you want to be.
Try being static, and you're left nowhere. You'll be struck down so hard, it will be difficult to get up. Life wont wait for you. It just goes on. You gotta dust yourself up, and make your way to the top. Nobody's gonna do it for you. Its what you do. Its what's within you, and how much of it you put to use. Its about how much you are ready to sacrifice, for that one place that holds your heart.
Sooner or Later, we all realize what keeps us going on. What is the centre of our world.The origin of all emotions,The source of strength and essence of life.
For that, is what is worth fighting for. What we live for, is what we would die for.
We all try and move on in life. Away from the past. Away from what holds us and tries to keep us as captives. Away from all those feelings, memories and moments, which were once the reason behind our smiles.
But what do you do, when it doesnt want to let you go? What can you do when you try and break free but keep returning back to square one?
Do you not feel trapped, when every turn you take, leads you to the back to the same path ?
Do you not feel helpless, when all the things you want to forget, keep coming back to you?
What can one do, when life just stops listening and starts humming its own tune?
Should you just go with the flow or should you go back to the past to see whats keeping you there?
Do you brush it off with a shrug or do you see that there is some part of you left behind?
Does one realize that its not us holding on to the memories, but them holding on to us?
That the reason why we cant let go of something is because we are not supposed to. The reason why we cant make it a piece of history, is because that is the key to our future.

Monday, August 9, 2010


There is more to life than just eating sleeping and working.. We all are so badly bound to make a living, we forget that we're supposed to make a life. So grounded we've become to the Earth, that our mind has forgotten how to fly. So robotic our routines have become, that we have no time to stop and think for a while, what are we doing? What was the initial purpose? And where are we supposed to go?
Sooner or Later, the heart shall answer. You were supposed to follow to your heart. To follow your passion. Because that exactly is what you were made to do, perfectly crafted, to reach that one place, where your inner voice would lead you. But it often drowns out among the rush of life. And we end up where we were never supposed to. Doing things, we never wanted to. And forgetting once again, that living doesnt mean being alive. Forgetting, that its okay to stop and smell the flowers. Its okay to stare up at the stars. Its okay to enjoy the rains. They all resonate to the same cosmic tune that our hearts dance to.. And so should we.

Under The Stars.

You and I


Enveloped in this darkness

Under the stars

In each other’s arm

As we revel

In Joy.

Silence speaks

The perfect language

And in this moment

Of quiet solitude

We listen

As our hearts


To the same

Cosmic tune.

Cold, it is.

But warm, we are.

You and I


Time passes

And we watch

The changing colours

Of Twilight

The dim

But definite glow

At the horizon.

The silver stars

Are now gone

To come again

Another time.

So has the night

In your arms

Under the stars.


when words
hold no meaning
profound thoughts
so complex
overwhelming emotions
Though silence
resounds in my head
the heart
doesnt stop thinking
though everything else
is at a halt.
I stand
At a place between
sleep and awake
and its a very long way
to the either side.


Silent reflections
The inner calling
Of where i want to be
Of the places i want to see
Mournful teardrops
As they slither down my cheeks
A broken heart
Shattered glass.
The joy that once was
The smiles all gone
The pain still resides
Though it hides.
Moments go by
And i stare up at the sky
The sun's long asleep
Stars blink and peep
And i sit through the night
The moon, my accomplice
Like me, he wanders
In search of his sun
Knowing they cant ever be one

Monday, May 31, 2010

How easy life would be, if there were no decisions to make. No options to choose from. Nothing to lose, in order to gain something else.
Life would be a straight journey. No sacrifices, no regrets.
No paranoia, a mind stressed over the wrong path chosen.
Never needing to think, how different life could be. Life would not be different if we didnt have options. If would be well decided and planned in advance, with us, just puppets in the hands of time. Dust of space.
And then, we would not have a rational mind. No need to think logically. Right or Wrong.
There would be no wrongs. There would exist only the right way.
And we would live away at out whims and desires.
No parallel universes, No parallel lives.
Just one fixed, monotonous ride to the grave.


This cold breath
Carries raw emotion
That, which was
Never expressed.
And yet,
It succeeds
In stirring
The pain
Which i had
Locked inside
An unknown place.
Time may heal wounds.
It may calm the raging fire.
But the memory never fades away.
When the walls around you break, and you take a view of reality, the so-called perfection practically fades away and you are left with a wounded heart. The missing pieces and empty places fill you with a pain so intense it gets difficult to breath.Living comes way later.
When you take a view of this reality, the disillusionment can hurt.