Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I’m just a tiny bud
waiting to open up
to the world
and reveal the inner flower.

I’m a tender bud
which my mom tends with care
with gentleness and affection
and all the love that is there.

I’m still new to the world
and I need my time
to grow used to the storms
and the bright sunshine.

I’m yet too fragile
and the thorns here and there
Are often too much
and painful to bear.

I curl up and close
as the night draws near
I have a little heart
and the darkness it fears.

I stand all through
Looking out for light
The leaf beside me whispers:
“It will be alright”.

The morning star rises
and so follows the sun
Spreading warmth and sunshine
the darkness Undone.

I shine in the glory
and outside as you see,
A dew drop glistens
And slides over me.

Days pass and nights
of mist and dew drops
of storms and thunder
and rainbows across.

And then finally,
As the morning star always
heralds the Sun,
Today was the day.

The air was so different
And just at daybreak
as I came out of slumber
And Earth was awake,

Something moved inside me
something did change
I could feel the wave
It wasn’t the same.

The petals unfurled
New colours to see . . .
And I blossomed into
The flower in me.