Sunday, September 5, 2010

As we move along the path of life, we realize its nothing we expect it to be. Our plans, imaginations, the blue print of how our life should be, doesnt really work.
Its nothing we can decide or think about. No. Life aint that slow.
Its comes so fast, often leaves us astounded, breathless and wondering what happened.
You cant sit and plan what to do. Thinking doesnt help. You oughta go out and get it. Or you'll be left behind. Its all about action. About working your way towards what you want to be. And where you want to be.
Try being static, and you're left nowhere. You'll be struck down so hard, it will be difficult to get up. Life wont wait for you. It just goes on. You gotta dust yourself up, and make your way to the top. Nobody's gonna do it for you. Its what you do. Its what's within you, and how much of it you put to use. Its about how much you are ready to sacrifice, for that one place that holds your heart.
Sooner or Later, we all realize what keeps us going on. What is the centre of our world.The origin of all emotions,The source of strength and essence of life.
For that, is what is worth fighting for. What we live for, is what we would die for.
We all try and move on in life. Away from the past. Away from what holds us and tries to keep us as captives. Away from all those feelings, memories and moments, which were once the reason behind our smiles.
But what do you do, when it doesnt want to let you go? What can you do when you try and break free but keep returning back to square one?
Do you not feel trapped, when every turn you take, leads you to the back to the same path ?
Do you not feel helpless, when all the things you want to forget, keep coming back to you?
What can one do, when life just stops listening and starts humming its own tune?
Should you just go with the flow or should you go back to the past to see whats keeping you there?
Do you brush it off with a shrug or do you see that there is some part of you left behind?
Does one realize that its not us holding on to the memories, but them holding on to us?
That the reason why we cant let go of something is because we are not supposed to. The reason why we cant make it a piece of history, is because that is the key to our future.