Thursday, April 9, 2009

( this one confuses me .. lol )

I feel you here
By my side
Holding my hand.
Having taken my heart,
Why the distance ?
Why cant i have you here ?
I feel you so close
I rejoice.
I close my eyes,
I find you
I feel you
I hold you
And i open my eyes,

* Twilight love *

I see you standing there
With your arms wide open
Waiting for me.
Love in your eyes,
Sparkles like a star
Can you see me ?
Im tranced with your love.

With every step you take,
I can feel your presence advancing.
The warmth that you give
The light you emit
The love.
Im Yours.

You ~ this one's for mom !! love you !

Unspoken words
Undescribed feelings
But still,
You know it all.

Silent dreams
Quiet hopes
You know it all.

Troubling times
Depressing moods
Even then,
You know it all.

Happiness, joy
Love and care
My life,
You know it all.

When Im gone ..

When Im gone
Will you miss me ?
Will you shed a tear ?
And wish i come back ?
When Im gone
Will you be incomplete ?
Will you search the world,
For a glimpse of me ?
When Im gone,
Will you evey say,
Baby, I Love You ?
Let us not forget the little things in life ..
Remember, the big things are made up of little things.
You are made up of drops of light .. magic from the stars .. woven together by golden threads form the ocean of love ..
You are not your body ..
You are your drops of light !

Perfect Harmony

Everything has the power to exist in perfect harmony with the other.
For had it not the power, it wouldn't have been created with the other.

Midnight Rain

Its raining outside
Im in my blanket .. Cuddling in my warm bed .. I can hear the pitter patter .. The thunder ..
I look outside from my window at the dark sky and see a bolt of silvery blue lightening against black clouds ..
A silhouette..
I return to my cosy bed ..
Dreaming about a hot cup of coffee .. And of a day without work .. Lazying about with my family and enjoying the warmth love provides inspite of the freezing rains ..
Tomorrow shall be a crisp morning .. With chilly winds sending shivers down my spine .. With puddles .. With greenery everywhere .. Leaves fallen about .. Tiny mushrooms ..
And with a feeling that nature survives .. And so shall we ..
A scenario