Friday, October 9, 2009

Looking out for my northern star
In this vast sky
Scattered with numerous stars
Each, a king of his own universe.
Each, the supreme ruler of the children dependant on it.

Looking out for its majestic glow
Which captures the heart so,
That it sees no other.
Hypnotized by its radiance
And its place in this celestial world.

The star of the stars
Can keep its crown.
Defying the laws of gravity,
My universe revolves around
The star of my heart.

The early rays of the morning sun.. As it remains hidden below the horizon..
The day begins.

A new chance, to bring a smile, to give a hug.
Another day, to share a cup of tea, special memories.
An opportunity, to do the things undone.
A fresh start for beginnings, not for ends.

Every morning, seeing the dim stars and the moon hide in their dark caves as the glowing sun rolls over..
And then seeing it surprised as the cool and fluffy clouds emerge, out of thin air, and overshadow its golden glare.
Then starts the gentle breeze, growing stronger and more playful.. The wind swirls..
As if tempting the raindrops out of their shelter, into the sky.
Rain showers.

I stand amazed, as i witness the intricacies of nature in front of my eyes, and yet, so simple. So beautiful.

An inspiration for me, to be reborn. To find the missing pieces, to be complete.

Another enchanting day, as i go out in the world, in search of my lost happiness. .

Sitting in the open
Out in the fresh air
I catch a wiff in the breeze .. Is this simple scent, the beginning of what we mortals call the complex emotion of immortal love?
It fills me with a feeling
Ive never known before.
This must be it then .. Overwhelmed,
I follow the trail..
Through darkness and light .. All through fantasy lands .. Seeing fairy tale times .. And horrors that shake and break ..
From caves, out in the sunshine. Finally appreciating it.

Around this world and those beyond the invisible, back to your heart i return.
To stay there forever, having found the ultimate in you.


For once
Step aside and watch things grow
Observe the true way
Look at how perfectly everything works, Right from the blossoming of the tiniest bud to the movement of planets.
Rejoice in the feeling that everything is taken care of, in the best possible way.

Do not obstruct the flow
Do not try to alter paths
Do not change the natural order of things
Do not mistrust the higher power
Do not doubt the written plans.

For once
Step aside, and just look.
Let the mysteries unfold themselves, one by one.
Stand and observe the pattern, Of life.

For then, nothing will ever seem random or without reason.
They will be perceived exactly how they are meant to be.
Absolutely Perfect.