Thursday, August 20, 2009

~ ~

I enter
Treading in slowly
Careful not to break the silence

I reveal
Many new worlds
Hidden secrets

I teach
New lessons
And the power of trust

I show you two roads
Hold me close
Or let me drift away

If you cross the tests
Of space and time
I stay

If you accept without judging
And learn humility
I grow

If you love me back
No conditions or boundaries,
I am yours.

But if you chance
To clutch too tightly
I slip

If you are selfish
Or careless
I break away

Uncared for,
I vanish just like I had come
Leaving behind heartprints

I am love.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Things Work

Within the Sun, in its plasmatic state, are elements undergoing fusion, emitting light and heat, making Sun one of the major supporters of life.

Pressure differences, fronts, cause winds. Soft winds, gently lulling us away to a dreamland, or ones powerful enough to whip up storms in the sea.

The force of gravity responsible for this large scale universe also holds us within the far off edges of our system, so we don’t go hurtling off across the infinite space.

Combinations of various physical, chemical and biological reactions bring about changes on the Earth’s surface, altering its look from time to time.

Millions of tiny electrons moving in an atom produce electricity. They also cause magnetism, making an atom the smallest magnet we know.

Deep inside the human body, cells respire, produce and reproduce.Microscopic DNA, encode the information controlling everything from the blink of an eye to the entire functioning of the human body.

Yet after all these years of research, the solving of the mysteries of space and beyond, right down to our very cells, mankind has been unable to do but one thing . . .
- Unravelling the secrets of the human heart.

All our knowledge of things, big and small, is useless when it comes to the power of love and the very reason behind it.

Why do sparks fly? Or why are connections made?

Is this the entanglement of physics? Or the strong forces holding together atoms? Is the law of attraction of magnets applicable here?

No, they aren’t.
For we don’t love for a reason.

We just love.
It simply happens.
Like the best laid plans.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Second Rainbow . . .

Ages pass and time flies
I see you once in an eon
A brief glance, momentary solace
Like the drifting cloud, you're gone.

Like the gentle mist
That vanishes with the night
At the crack of the dawn.
The morning light.

Like the shooting star
In the dark sky
Crossing the infinite
In the blink of my eye.

I'll hold my heart
In sun and rain
Till my second rainbow
Appears again.