Saturday, December 19, 2009

love can ..

When things start falling apart and don't go where they were supposed to, we are forced to re examine our life from a step behind and find out how and where it all went wrong.
Where did we sink ? Which path did we take ? Which bridges did we miss ? Which roads did we cross ? And why, for heavens sake, did we end up in a dark cave on the top of a steep cliff, where any careless step can be disastrous ?
Why, oh why ?

And then sometimes, we cant do it all by ourselves. All paths appear hazy, and all bridges appear to be linking the same hills .. Too many cross roads, and no sign of directions.

At that time, we do need a hand, perhaps a shoulder too.
We need a new set of eyes, to look at things from a different perspective and explain the view.
It might take some time to trust that the hand wont let go, or that the shoulder means forever..
But for the heart that believes,
love can carry you through the hardest times.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Door Within

After the work of the day finishes
My to-do list all checked and done,
As the dark pall falls on Earth,
After the setting Sun

I quietly retire from the chores
And tip-toe to that place in the nook
Where no one can reach me for a while
Where no one can look.

Where I don’t have to hear voices
Other than that of my heart.
Where I don’t need to sacrifice
Where I don’t need to part.

Where my dreams come alive
and no feelings suppressed.
A life full of passion,
No love repressed.

As I sneak away from this world,
To the edge of my mind
I open the door within me,
In there, myself I find.

What would you do

If you weren’t afraid?

With only your heart to support you

And no powers great.

Would you take that step

Into the darkness unknown ?

Swim the deep seas

Where dangers have grown?

Would you risk the jump

Without fearing the fall?

Would you climb that mountain

If you could only crawl ?

Would you give life all you could

Even if it threw to you, dirt.

Would you love till the end of time

Without fearing any hurt ?

I know not what was

nor what shall be.

Here I am, on this tiny blue speck hurtling across dark infinite space.

But how is it so ?

Was it just chance ?

Or that a momentary alignment of planets changed what could have been

and made things the way they are now.

Then perhaps I owe my existence to a distant star in the sky..

It could have changed its mind and then maybe i would have been on a far away planet in some corner of the universe..with green skin and eyes the size of footballs and when i would speak, it would sound like 'glauber glum thwarpt' to the ears i have now.

But I’m here. And not there.

There must be some reason as to why I am where I am today.

So I start my journey

with these little steps

the dim sunshine

and a distant star or two.

I know not where I am going

I see no path

I let my heart give the directions

knowing it will lead me right.

There must be something else

Beyond the veil.

Because such perfection cannot be random.

There must be a delicate balance .. A very thin line..

Separating order and disorder.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I’m just a tiny bud
waiting to open up
to the world
and reveal the inner flower.

I’m a tender bud
which my mom tends with care
with gentleness and affection
and all the love that is there.

I’m still new to the world
and I need my time
to grow used to the storms
and the bright sunshine.

I’m yet too fragile
and the thorns here and there
Are often too much
and painful to bear.

I curl up and close
as the night draws near
I have a little heart
and the darkness it fears.

I stand all through
Looking out for light
The leaf beside me whispers:
“It will be alright”.

The morning star rises
and so follows the sun
Spreading warmth and sunshine
the darkness Undone.

I shine in the glory
and outside as you see,
A dew drop glistens
And slides over me.

Days pass and nights
of mist and dew drops
of storms and thunder
and rainbows across.

And then finally,
As the morning star always
heralds the Sun,
Today was the day.

The air was so different
And just at daybreak
as I came out of slumber
And Earth was awake,

Something moved inside me
something did change
I could feel the wave
It wasn’t the same.

The petals unfurled
New colours to see . . .
And I blossomed into
The flower in me.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Looking out for my northern star
In this vast sky
Scattered with numerous stars
Each, a king of his own universe.
Each, the supreme ruler of the children dependant on it.

Looking out for its majestic glow
Which captures the heart so,
That it sees no other.
Hypnotized by its radiance
And its place in this celestial world.

The star of the stars
Can keep its crown.
Defying the laws of gravity,
My universe revolves around
The star of my heart.

The early rays of the morning sun.. As it remains hidden below the horizon..
The day begins.

A new chance, to bring a smile, to give a hug.
Another day, to share a cup of tea, special memories.
An opportunity, to do the things undone.
A fresh start for beginnings, not for ends.

Every morning, seeing the dim stars and the moon hide in their dark caves as the glowing sun rolls over..
And then seeing it surprised as the cool and fluffy clouds emerge, out of thin air, and overshadow its golden glare.
Then starts the gentle breeze, growing stronger and more playful.. The wind swirls..
As if tempting the raindrops out of their shelter, into the sky.
Rain showers.

I stand amazed, as i witness the intricacies of nature in front of my eyes, and yet, so simple. So beautiful.

An inspiration for me, to be reborn. To find the missing pieces, to be complete.

Another enchanting day, as i go out in the world, in search of my lost happiness. .

Sitting in the open
Out in the fresh air
I catch a wiff in the breeze .. Is this simple scent, the beginning of what we mortals call the complex emotion of immortal love?
It fills me with a feeling
Ive never known before.
This must be it then .. Overwhelmed,
I follow the trail..
Through darkness and light .. All through fantasy lands .. Seeing fairy tale times .. And horrors that shake and break ..
From caves, out in the sunshine. Finally appreciating it.

Around this world and those beyond the invisible, back to your heart i return.
To stay there forever, having found the ultimate in you.


For once
Step aside and watch things grow
Observe the true way
Look at how perfectly everything works, Right from the blossoming of the tiniest bud to the movement of planets.
Rejoice in the feeling that everything is taken care of, in the best possible way.

Do not obstruct the flow
Do not try to alter paths
Do not change the natural order of things
Do not mistrust the higher power
Do not doubt the written plans.

For once
Step aside, and just look.
Let the mysteries unfold themselves, one by one.
Stand and observe the pattern, Of life.

For then, nothing will ever seem random or without reason.
They will be perceived exactly how they are meant to be.
Absolutely Perfect.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

~ ~

I enter
Treading in slowly
Careful not to break the silence

I reveal
Many new worlds
Hidden secrets

I teach
New lessons
And the power of trust

I show you two roads
Hold me close
Or let me drift away

If you cross the tests
Of space and time
I stay

If you accept without judging
And learn humility
I grow

If you love me back
No conditions or boundaries,
I am yours.

But if you chance
To clutch too tightly
I slip

If you are selfish
Or careless
I break away

Uncared for,
I vanish just like I had come
Leaving behind heartprints

I am love.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Things Work

Within the Sun, in its plasmatic state, are elements undergoing fusion, emitting light and heat, making Sun one of the major supporters of life.

Pressure differences, fronts, cause winds. Soft winds, gently lulling us away to a dreamland, or ones powerful enough to whip up storms in the sea.

The force of gravity responsible for this large scale universe also holds us within the far off edges of our system, so we don’t go hurtling off across the infinite space.

Combinations of various physical, chemical and biological reactions bring about changes on the Earth’s surface, altering its look from time to time.

Millions of tiny electrons moving in an atom produce electricity. They also cause magnetism, making an atom the smallest magnet we know.

Deep inside the human body, cells respire, produce and reproduce.Microscopic DNA, encode the information controlling everything from the blink of an eye to the entire functioning of the human body.

Yet after all these years of research, the solving of the mysteries of space and beyond, right down to our very cells, mankind has been unable to do but one thing . . .
- Unravelling the secrets of the human heart.

All our knowledge of things, big and small, is useless when it comes to the power of love and the very reason behind it.

Why do sparks fly? Or why are connections made?

Is this the entanglement of physics? Or the strong forces holding together atoms? Is the law of attraction of magnets applicable here?

No, they aren’t.
For we don’t love for a reason.

We just love.
It simply happens.
Like the best laid plans.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Second Rainbow . . .

Ages pass and time flies
I see you once in an eon
A brief glance, momentary solace
Like the drifting cloud, you're gone.

Like the gentle mist
That vanishes with the night
At the crack of the dawn.
The morning light.

Like the shooting star
In the dark sky
Crossing the infinite
In the blink of my eye.

I'll hold my heart
In sun and rain
Till my second rainbow
Appears again.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

shadow and light

the darkness draws in.
the chill sets in.
its broad day light
then the dark ?
stranger than fiction
to see
shadow and light together
have we crossed the limits ?
and tested nature to its edge ?

we cannot undo the harm
without spells or charm

all that can heal it now
is love.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More to the world, than meets the eye

There are things
Which cannot be seen
But only felt
Which over time
Have ceased to remain tangible.
Reach out to them
acknowledge them
And then they come to you
Like dawn to the night
And rain
To the eagerly waiting earth.
They dont exist in our dimension
doesnt mean they dont exist at all
They can be as gentle as the mist
Or as burning as the fire.
You feel them in the shadows
Or know them by reflections .
They can be the darkness when you are alone
Or the warm feeling when youre cold
The chill in the spine
Or the heaviness of your heart
Realize them
And you understand all that which once, you had called a mystery, a spook or a miracle.

They dont come to us at the 13th hour
Or when the full moon reflects on the calm stream
They dont need spells to awaken them
Or magic to charm them.

They are always here
Living amongst us.
Though they may not be alive at all.

Seeing is not believing
There is more than meets the eye.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have a voice

Which no one can hear

I live, but i don’t exist

I shout

Is anybody there ?

Im trapped

The voice echoes

Darkness falls

And i go unheard


For a saviour

Is there one ??

I don’t know

I will wait and see

Till then

I keep looking

With dry longing eyes

In every direction

And searching

In every dimension

And time is no longer the final frontier.

Monday, June 8, 2009

sunny side up - amby ( my younger brother )

Amby is a big clown
He jumps and shouts
And runs around.

He is a mischief maker
Never listens,
He’s a trouble taker.

He pulls my hair
And pinches me
Makes me run
And climb a tree.

He thinks he has a lot of brain
And that he’s very smart
He is, but has a tummy too
Eats a lot, and then he farts.

He acts like he is super cool
And puts a lot of perfume
He puts his hair in pointy spikes
He loves cars, but not bikes.

He troubles mom a great deal
Doesn’t sit to study.
He gives her all weird excuses
About why he is so muddy.

Oh then he bugs dad too
Spends a lot of money
Thinks he is the king of the world
And buys all gadgets funny.

He’s a pain
Try living with him
He’s a very big bunny.

Now this stupid guy
He loves to drum
And has a set at home.

I can’t sleep, I can’t eat
Because he’s going
Drum dee dum dum !

He plays pranks and loves to scare
Shouts “watch out” and “boo” !

If you see me scared
Away at a corner
You know it was done by whom !

He loves animals
(he forgets he’s one too)
And is very wild at home.

Dirty underwear and smelly socks
Are hanging all over in his room.

He’s got two horns
And is a devil
Don’t mistake him for an angel
With wings that flap.

He’ll smile at you
But you beware !
His smile is just
An evil trap !

Friday, May 22, 2009

not thought of a title ~

The hour does not pass
When the heart is troubled
It hangs over, and hovers,
Like a dark, dull, grey shadow above our heads.
The wretched hour won’t pass
And the clock shall tick ever slowly
As if counting the breaths I take
Waiting for it to stop.
The furious thumping thud against the ticking
The heart is tired,
Though it is still young.

The hour does not pass,
The lurking shadows are dark.
The night is cold. The innumerable stars
Appear dulled. Clouded.
Time passes slowly, and I wait,
Ever still, silent and solemn,
For it to tick away,
And the warmth of the golden sunshine to
Fill my heart.
And renew my soul,
For a fresher start.
Let the haunting be gone,
Let there be light.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

( this one confuses me .. lol )

I feel you here
By my side
Holding my hand.
Having taken my heart,
Why the distance ?
Why cant i have you here ?
I feel you so close
I rejoice.
I close my eyes,
I find you
I feel you
I hold you
And i open my eyes,

* Twilight love *

I see you standing there
With your arms wide open
Waiting for me.
Love in your eyes,
Sparkles like a star
Can you see me ?
Im tranced with your love.

With every step you take,
I can feel your presence advancing.
The warmth that you give
The light you emit
The love.
Im Yours.

You ~ this one's for mom !! love you !

Unspoken words
Undescribed feelings
But still,
You know it all.

Silent dreams
Quiet hopes
You know it all.

Troubling times
Depressing moods
Even then,
You know it all.

Happiness, joy
Love and care
My life,
You know it all.

When Im gone ..

When Im gone
Will you miss me ?
Will you shed a tear ?
And wish i come back ?
When Im gone
Will you be incomplete ?
Will you search the world,
For a glimpse of me ?
When Im gone,
Will you evey say,
Baby, I Love You ?
Let us not forget the little things in life ..
Remember, the big things are made up of little things.
You are made up of drops of light .. magic from the stars .. woven together by golden threads form the ocean of love ..
You are not your body ..
You are your drops of light !

Perfect Harmony

Everything has the power to exist in perfect harmony with the other.
For had it not the power, it wouldn't have been created with the other.

Midnight Rain

Its raining outside
Im in my blanket .. Cuddling in my warm bed .. I can hear the pitter patter .. The thunder ..
I look outside from my window at the dark sky and see a bolt of silvery blue lightening against black clouds ..
A silhouette..
I return to my cosy bed ..
Dreaming about a hot cup of coffee .. And of a day without work .. Lazying about with my family and enjoying the warmth love provides inspite of the freezing rains ..
Tomorrow shall be a crisp morning .. With chilly winds sending shivers down my spine .. With puddles .. With greenery everywhere .. Leaves fallen about .. Tiny mushrooms ..
And with a feeling that nature survives .. And so shall we ..
A scenario