Saturday, December 19, 2009

love can ..

When things start falling apart and don't go where they were supposed to, we are forced to re examine our life from a step behind and find out how and where it all went wrong.
Where did we sink ? Which path did we take ? Which bridges did we miss ? Which roads did we cross ? And why, for heavens sake, did we end up in a dark cave on the top of a steep cliff, where any careless step can be disastrous ?
Why, oh why ?

And then sometimes, we cant do it all by ourselves. All paths appear hazy, and all bridges appear to be linking the same hills .. Too many cross roads, and no sign of directions.

At that time, we do need a hand, perhaps a shoulder too.
We need a new set of eyes, to look at things from a different perspective and explain the view.
It might take some time to trust that the hand wont let go, or that the shoulder means forever..
But for the heart that believes,
love can carry you through the hardest times.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Door Within

After the work of the day finishes
My to-do list all checked and done,
As the dark pall falls on Earth,
After the setting Sun

I quietly retire from the chores
And tip-toe to that place in the nook
Where no one can reach me for a while
Where no one can look.

Where I don’t have to hear voices
Other than that of my heart.
Where I don’t need to sacrifice
Where I don’t need to part.

Where my dreams come alive
and no feelings suppressed.
A life full of passion,
No love repressed.

As I sneak away from this world,
To the edge of my mind
I open the door within me,
In there, myself I find.

What would you do

If you weren’t afraid?

With only your heart to support you

And no powers great.

Would you take that step

Into the darkness unknown ?

Swim the deep seas

Where dangers have grown?

Would you risk the jump

Without fearing the fall?

Would you climb that mountain

If you could only crawl ?

Would you give life all you could

Even if it threw to you, dirt.

Would you love till the end of time

Without fearing any hurt ?

I know not what was

nor what shall be.

Here I am, on this tiny blue speck hurtling across dark infinite space.

But how is it so ?

Was it just chance ?

Or that a momentary alignment of planets changed what could have been

and made things the way they are now.

Then perhaps I owe my existence to a distant star in the sky..

It could have changed its mind and then maybe i would have been on a far away planet in some corner of the universe..with green skin and eyes the size of footballs and when i would speak, it would sound like 'glauber glum thwarpt' to the ears i have now.

But I’m here. And not there.

There must be some reason as to why I am where I am today.

So I start my journey

with these little steps

the dim sunshine

and a distant star or two.

I know not where I am going

I see no path

I let my heart give the directions

knowing it will lead me right.

There must be something else

Beyond the veil.

Because such perfection cannot be random.

There must be a delicate balance .. A very thin line..

Separating order and disorder.