Monday, January 11, 2010


No,its not just a tear
Look at how it glistens
As it slides down
My cheek
Tracing the very same path
Which your fingers used to..
And it pauses at my lips,
You did too...

No, its not just a tear.
Look at it closely
Its a treasure trove
Of memories
Of the feelings and emotions
Stirred when you are near
And the piercing pain
When you're not here.

Its not just a tear
Its a piece of my heart
A bit of 'us'
When we're apart ..

Dont fear the tears
Ill make it through
They're very close to me...
They're a reflection of you.

What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of the dark?
of the stillness and the silence?
Of the shadow that seems to move around?
Are you afraid of being cold and empty?
And the presence that surrounds?
Do you try to cover your ears
When you have voices from within?
And drown them by that rational mind
Saying there’s nothing of this kind?
Are you afraid of taking a step?
Fearing you might fall down?
Or are you scared that there’s no one
To lift you from the ground?

Why are you afraid of the dark my dear?
Why does it give you a fright?

You always feared words & truth
You were afraid of sight
You were always too scared to know
You were afraid of light!!
You tried to drown the feelings inside
You thought you were always right.
They kept trying to hold you back.
But you kept walking towards the night!
How can someone save your fall?
You never opened your heart.
You were afraid to love because,
You were afraid to part.

Into the darkness you led yourself
You left the sunrays bright,
Are you afraid of the dark my dear?
Or are you afraid of light?