Thursday, April 9, 2009

Midnight Rain

Its raining outside
Im in my blanket .. Cuddling in my warm bed .. I can hear the pitter patter .. The thunder ..
I look outside from my window at the dark sky and see a bolt of silvery blue lightening against black clouds ..
A silhouette..
I return to my cosy bed ..
Dreaming about a hot cup of coffee .. And of a day without work .. Lazying about with my family and enjoying the warmth love provides inspite of the freezing rains ..
Tomorrow shall be a crisp morning .. With chilly winds sending shivers down my spine .. With puddles .. With greenery everywhere .. Leaves fallen about .. Tiny mushrooms ..
And with a feeling that nature survives .. And so shall we ..
A scenario


  1. i jus love dis 1. . probably best of her works until now!!d feelin of trance u get after readin it is jus heavens!!!

  2. its very crative n really motivating

  3. i ws the first one to read this, but neways, this is one of my favorites

    P.S. She loves mushrooms, stormy days, fairies, dwarfs sitting under toadstools and the best thing░ She loves 'Nature'