Monday, June 8, 2009

sunny side up - amby ( my younger brother )

Amby is a big clown
He jumps and shouts
And runs around.

He is a mischief maker
Never listens,
He’s a trouble taker.

He pulls my hair
And pinches me
Makes me run
And climb a tree.

He thinks he has a lot of brain
And that he’s very smart
He is, but has a tummy too
Eats a lot, and then he farts.

He acts like he is super cool
And puts a lot of perfume
He puts his hair in pointy spikes
He loves cars, but not bikes.

He troubles mom a great deal
Doesn’t sit to study.
He gives her all weird excuses
About why he is so muddy.

Oh then he bugs dad too
Spends a lot of money
Thinks he is the king of the world
And buys all gadgets funny.

He’s a pain
Try living with him
He’s a very big bunny.

Now this stupid guy
He loves to drum
And has a set at home.

I can’t sleep, I can’t eat
Because he’s going
Drum dee dum dum !

He plays pranks and loves to scare
Shouts “watch out” and “boo” !

If you see me scared
Away at a corner
You know it was done by whom !

He loves animals
(he forgets he’s one too)
And is very wild at home.

Dirty underwear and smelly socks
Are hanging all over in his room.

He’s got two horns
And is a devil
Don’t mistake him for an angel
With wings that flap.

He’ll smile at you
But you beware !
His smile is just
An evil trap !


  1. very true.... excellent

  2. wow...!
    wat a way to strike bac nd display ur affection fr ur bro..
    wacha amby ..ur sis retaliates in queer ways..

  3. thnx for the poem, m really like tht but not tht underwear thing, remember that my room is the cleanest, hehehehe

    Amby- the sunny side up guy