Thursday, July 16, 2009

More to the world, than meets the eye

There are things
Which cannot be seen
But only felt
Which over time
Have ceased to remain tangible.
Reach out to them
acknowledge them
And then they come to you
Like dawn to the night
And rain
To the eagerly waiting earth.
They dont exist in our dimension
doesnt mean they dont exist at all
They can be as gentle as the mist
Or as burning as the fire.
You feel them in the shadows
Or know them by reflections .
They can be the darkness when you are alone
Or the warm feeling when youre cold
The chill in the spine
Or the heaviness of your heart
Realize them
And you understand all that which once, you had called a mystery, a spook or a miracle.

They dont come to us at the 13th hour
Or when the full moon reflects on the calm stream
They dont need spells to awaken them
Or magic to charm them.

They are always here
Living amongst us.
Though they may not be alive at all.

Seeing is not believing
There is more than meets the eye.

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