Monday, August 10, 2009

My Second Rainbow . . .

Ages pass and time flies
I see you once in an eon
A brief glance, momentary solace
Like the drifting cloud, you're gone.

Like the gentle mist
That vanishes with the night
At the crack of the dawn.
The morning light.

Like the shooting star
In the dark sky
Crossing the infinite
In the blink of my eye.

I'll hold my heart
In sun and rain
Till my second rainbow
Appears again.


  1. its awesome..
    there is an emigmatic flow in the poem which keeps 1 stuck..very easy nd supple presentation..lovely..!

  2. this piece of work is exceptionally exceptional di.......
    u r an awesome writer........

  3. very fine expressions. i wonder, from where have you found such deep feelings at such a tender age. best wishes, keep it up. sunil kumar

  4. hi!!! i jus found a way 2 sing out dat poem of urs!!!!! i mean i found a tune dat wud fit in2 dis poem........making it a song by siya sethi instead of jus a poem by siya sethi!!!!! of course i m nt forcing u 2 nethn!