Monday, December 14, 2009

I know not what was

nor what shall be.

Here I am, on this tiny blue speck hurtling across dark infinite space.

But how is it so ?

Was it just chance ?

Or that a momentary alignment of planets changed what could have been

and made things the way they are now.

Then perhaps I owe my existence to a distant star in the sky..

It could have changed its mind and then maybe i would have been on a far away planet in some corner of the universe..with green skin and eyes the size of footballs and when i would speak, it would sound like 'glauber glum thwarpt' to the ears i have now.

But I’m here. And not there.

There must be some reason as to why I am where I am today.

So I start my journey

with these little steps

the dim sunshine

and a distant star or two.

I know not where I am going

I see no path

I let my heart give the directions

knowing it will lead me right.

There must be something else

Beyond the veil.

Because such perfection cannot be random.

There must be a delicate balance .. A very thin line..

Separating order and disorder.

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