Monday, August 9, 2010


There is more to life than just eating sleeping and working.. We all are so badly bound to make a living, we forget that we're supposed to make a life. So grounded we've become to the Earth, that our mind has forgotten how to fly. So robotic our routines have become, that we have no time to stop and think for a while, what are we doing? What was the initial purpose? And where are we supposed to go?
Sooner or Later, the heart shall answer. You were supposed to follow to your heart. To follow your passion. Because that exactly is what you were made to do, perfectly crafted, to reach that one place, where your inner voice would lead you. But it often drowns out among the rush of life. And we end up where we were never supposed to. Doing things, we never wanted to. And forgetting once again, that living doesnt mean being alive. Forgetting, that its okay to stop and smell the flowers. Its okay to stare up at the stars. Its okay to enjoy the rains. They all resonate to the same cosmic tune that our hearts dance to.. And so should we.


  1. Hey .. you have got a great page.. well rather we shuldn be talkin in terms of how the page is .. but it was a sincere opinion :) many of us refrain from doing certain things because we know that its a herculean task .. it takes some time to think n work on it n in order to achieve it we resort to methods/actions that we will regret later .. we simply forget what life actually means .. we just need to take it one step at a time! life is so much easier that way .. kudos on the blog .. your entries are really good .. thanks cj :)

  2. Thanks! It would be nice if I know who 'anonymous' is.
    happy to know you like the blog.

  3. yes, I need to get a name.