Sunday, September 5, 2010

As we move along the path of life, we realize its nothing we expect it to be. Our plans, imaginations, the blue print of how our life should be, doesnt really work.
Its nothing we can decide or think about. No. Life aint that slow.
Its comes so fast, often leaves us astounded, breathless and wondering what happened.
You cant sit and plan what to do. Thinking doesnt help. You oughta go out and get it. Or you'll be left behind. Its all about action. About working your way towards what you want to be. And where you want to be.
Try being static, and you're left nowhere. You'll be struck down so hard, it will be difficult to get up. Life wont wait for you. It just goes on. You gotta dust yourself up, and make your way to the top. Nobody's gonna do it for you. Its what you do. Its what's within you, and how much of it you put to use. Its about how much you are ready to sacrifice, for that one place that holds your heart.


  1. some of the lines are really agreed ... specially the last para

  2. I can feel the essence of your thoughts......very well captured.....
    blue print of how r life should be,, doesnt really works....

  3. Life. The word itself denotes something to do with continuous flow of energy in an organism. When time will not stay still, who are we to challenge it? For it is our purpose to move and to grow. Even a car which has not been driven for a long time will malfunction.

  4. Concise, Bright, A healthy message which the crowd out there is in need of..

    As people have stated up there, it indeed is a work of appreciation.. Captured really well.. !!

    Cheers, keep blogging.. !