Friday, October 9, 2009

The early rays of the morning sun.. As it remains hidden below the horizon..
The day begins.

A new chance, to bring a smile, to give a hug.
Another day, to share a cup of tea, special memories.
An opportunity, to do the things undone.
A fresh start for beginnings, not for ends.

Every morning, seeing the dim stars and the moon hide in their dark caves as the glowing sun rolls over..
And then seeing it surprised as the cool and fluffy clouds emerge, out of thin air, and overshadow its golden glare.
Then starts the gentle breeze, growing stronger and more playful.. The wind swirls..
As if tempting the raindrops out of their shelter, into the sky.
Rain showers.

I stand amazed, as i witness the intricacies of nature in front of my eyes, and yet, so simple. So beautiful.

An inspiration for me, to be reborn. To find the missing pieces, to be complete.

Another enchanting day, as i go out in the world, in search of my lost happiness. .

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