Friday, October 9, 2009

Sitting in the open
Out in the fresh air
I catch a wiff in the breeze .. Is this simple scent, the beginning of what we mortals call the complex emotion of immortal love?
It fills me with a feeling
Ive never known before.
This must be it then .. Overwhelmed,
I follow the trail..
Through darkness and light .. All through fantasy lands .. Seeing fairy tale times .. And horrors that shake and break ..
From caves, out in the sunshine. Finally appreciating it.

Around this world and those beyond the invisible, back to your heart i return.
To stay there forever, having found the ultimate in you.


  1. you are one hell of a poet siya, i mean you are incredible ,just incredible!! believe me , i aint exaggerating! i myself am a writer and i know the intricacies involved and what it actually takes to pen down one's feelings , that to in a rhyming sequence using the literary devices.......... In simple words you are terrific......

    three cheers for you siya!!!!

    - Sudeepto

  2. it feels great to be understood so well.. and appreciated so.

    thanks a lot Sudeepto.

  3. my pleasure mademoiselle!!!

    - Sudeep